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A revamped 3Tre to celebrate 50 years of FIS World Cup

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Thursday 22 September 2016

With three months to the event, a FIS delegation agreed to some impovements on the track of the night slalom of December 22nd. Enlarged stands and parterre will make the experience even more exciting for the fans


3Tre Madonna di Campiglio is counting down the last three months to Thursday December 22nd, the date of the magic night of the Canalone Miramonti stadium. Now a permanent fixture in the Men’s Audi FIS Ski World Cup, and coming off increasingly successful editions from the public participation and media coverage standpoint, the 3Tre Night Slalom celebrates in 2016 its 63rd edition.

Men’s World Cup Chief Race Director Markus Waldner and Race Director Emmanuel Couder did their first on-site visit yesterday, for a ritual inspection as well as to review some interventions on the venue in Campiglio together with 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci, General Secretary Matteo Bonapace and Technical Director Adriano Alimonta. Pinzolo’s Major, Michele Cereghini and Funivie Madonna di Campiglio‘s President Sergio Collini and Director Francesco Bosco also took part in the meeting.

Our common goal – Matteo Bonapace explained – was to make our event more spectacular and exciting for the wide audience surrounding the Night Slalom slope in the last two editions. Indeed, we have extended the 3Tre stands capacity to over 1000 seats, as well as the parterre. As a consequence, the slalom and the overall experience will prove even more spectacular for those standing by the slope, as well as for the eye of the cameras that will broadcast the event all around the World.

With the 2015 TV exposure figures recording an unprecedented 444 millions of contacts, the 3Tre will feature some slight changes on the course, with a counterslope section in the higher part, and two changes in gradients in the final part, after the toughest section. Those interventions will further increase the technical contents of the World-famous Canalone Miramonti slope. The new facilities will also include two new towers for enlightenment and an extensive storage.


The event’s day programme remains unchanged, with the two runs scheduled at 5:45 pm CET and 8:45 pm CET. On Wednesday, on the eve of the event, the public draw will take place in Piazza Righi at 7.00 PM CET, to give all the fans the opportunity to get in touch with the big names of the FIS World Cup, in the 50th years of history of the World’s circuit.


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