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A World-Cup-like opening for 3Tre on Tour in Forte dei Marmi

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Sunday 9 September 2018

The FIS World Cup Crystal Globe was among the greatest highlights of Premio Vitalini, which hosted the first stop of the 3Tre on Tour 2018

From Brenta Dolomites to Versilia seaside with the Apuan Alps in the background. On Saturday, 8th September Villa Bertelli (Forte dei Marmi, Italy) welcomed winter sports during the 3rd Premio Vitalini celebration. This event was the first stop introducing 3Tre on Tour 2018, the promotional tour of the 65th SKI World Cup Night Slalom in Madonna di Campiglio which takes place on Saturday, 22 December 2018.

3Tre has been one of the main topics during an evening in which skiing history and modernity merged together. Many prizes were awarded during the event supported by Vitalini Ski Wear - brand funded by the former Italian national team’s athlete Pietro Vitalini. All the awarded guests received a tonalite-made prize designed by Pedretti Graniti. A tonalite monolith is present into the bedrock of Canalone Miramonti. This represents the strong link between Vitalini, Madonna di Campiglio and its surroundings.

Indeed, the former downhill skier is one of the partners of 3Tre Committee organising the CombiRace, a race for the youngsters scheduled again in the morning of December, 22nd before the main winter event in Madonna di Campiglio.

Bruno Murzi, mayor of Forte dei Marmi, welcomed the guests by expressing his appreciation for Madonna di Campiglio and the Brenta Dolomites. The evening started with a memorial to Zeno Colò, the outstanding champion from Abetone, who managed to gain the toughest ski races. His grandchildren described him as an introvert, rough but extremely generous. After recalling Zeno’s historical victories (in downhill and slalom) during the first edition of 3Tre - dating back to 1950 - Paolo Luconi Bisti’s took the floor. He is one of the icon of 3Tre: he has been designing the thrilling slalom track from day one until the current days, with Henrik Kristoffersen’s and Marcel Hirscher’s victories.

The 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci presented the topics of the 65th edition, once again in the spotlight of Canalone Miramonti, and once again scheduled into FIS World Cup races: “A piece of news which has become a tradition for some years now, but which is still the most important to us”, as Conci stated, who was awarded the Premio Vitalini and given a volume and a medal by the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi.

Besides the main event - moved up to 3.45PM (1st first run) and 6.45PM (2nd second run) due to sports event overlapping - Conci wanted to recall the increasingly appealing CombiRace since 2016: “Our sport - and generally speaking tourism and winter sports - needs new enthusiasts, practising people and subscribers who have been decreasing in the last years. We want to be active players into this mission: this is why we are promoting our race in the whole nation by involving SKI clubs and the CombiRace organising team, a race where competition is not a key element yet gives the chance to many young people to participate and have fun while enjoying on their own the 3Tre experience, on the same day

The main guests of this evening were the former Italjet national athletes - Kristian Ghedina, Peter Runggaldier, Werner Perathoner, Luca Cattaneo, Alessandro Fattori and, of course, Pietro Vitalini and with their trainer Alberto Ghezzi. Many stories depict this SKI team who stood out for its cohesion, against the traditional flow of racing as an individual player. Vitalini also mentioned 3Tre: “To me, slalom has always been very challenging. There aren’t many “speed” athletes able to compete on Canalone Miramonti. Yet, the charm of Madonna di Campiglio race is unique, definitely one of our ski excellence”.

Another protagonist at Premio Vitalini was the Crystal Globe, the original FIS SKI World Cup trophy which is back to 3Tre on Tour during the first committee stop. It is an overwhelming symbol for all the snow enthusiasts which will also be brought to the next Tour’s stop on October, 20th - far from the winter sports classical areas. Next stop welcoming 3Tre for the first time is Palermo.


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