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Alberto Tomba back to Madonna: it will be a legendary night

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Saturday 16 December 2017

On December 21st and 22nd, the former Italian champion will be the special guest of the 64th 3Tre, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his first win on the Canalone Miramonti, back on December 16th 1987


December 16th, 1987 - December 16th, 2017, 30 years have passed since Alberto Tomba’s first win in Madonna di Campiglio. The start of a new sports and cultural age. A media “bomb” with no precedents exploded in the ski universe, an absolute sensation in Italy where even the famous Sanremo Music Festival was interrupted to announce Alberto’s gold medal at the Calgary ’88 Olympic Games.


On Wednesday December 16th 1987, the spectators on the Canalone Miramonti lived a thrilling day with the rising star Alberto Tomba trying for another exploit, after the amazing three wins of the early part of the season. Starting with the #24 bib, Tomba’s first run was preceded by an issue to his boot, but still ended with the first place on the finish line, whilst more than half of the starting field faltered on the slope’s technicity, including the great Ingemar Stenmark.

The second run still had more emotions in store: during his run, a pole fell down in front of him, forcing him to an incredible trick to avoid it. Not even this could arrest the force of Alberto, whose acceleration continued toward the scream of the Canalone Miramonti crowd. Tomba won the race with 1:34 on Austrian Rudolf Nierlich, whilst Slovenian Bojan Krizaj completed the podium.


Over this 30-year span, Tomba conquered two more wins in Madonna di Campiglio (1988 and 1995), 5 Olympic medals, 4 Worlds medals, 50 World Cup wins, with 88 podiums and the overall World Cup title in 1995. A decade of greatness, through three generations of rivals: from legend Ingemar Stenmark to the duels with Marc Girardelli and Pirmin Zurbriggen and the “new breed” of ski superstars, led by Jure Kosir, Kjetil André Aamodt, Lasse Kjus, Paul Accola and Hermann Maier.


On December 21st and 22nd 2017, Alberto Tomba returns to Madonna di Campiglio to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his legend, strongly related to the most historical classic in Italian alpine skiing. Alberto will be in the core of the even all the way: on Thursday afternoon, Tomba will meet the young kids of the Ski Clubs in Piazza Sissi, before participating to the public bib draw together with the slalom’s top riders.


On Friday December 22nd, Alberto Tomba will take the center stage in Piazza Sissi between the two runs of the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup night slalom, characterized by the duel between Henrik Kristoffersen and Marcel Hirscher, and will eventually be the man to crown the new kind of Madonna di Campiglio in the flowers ceremony. Taking part to the ceremony will also be the kids from the “Magica Cleme Onlus”, a non-profit association working in support of the families whose children are facing severe oncological diseases.


It will be a great celebration dedicated to the strongest Italian ski star of all times: two unique days for fans and supporters, who still remember one of the most exciting ages in Italian sports history.


The whole Italian ski must be grateful to Alberto”, 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci explained. - “Alberto’s triumphs aroused interest and passion without precedents, involving new people in the winter sports. Hopefully one day will come when we will live something like that again, but a 360° phenomenon like Alberto Tomba is something the White Circus hasn’t found yet. We feel happy and proud to celebrate in Madonna di Campiglio one of the greatest Italian athletes of all times.”


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