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An outstanding night for 3Tre at the Mille Miglia Museum

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Saturday 19 November 2016

Charm, history and speed from different worlds in the meetup between 3Tre and the iconic vintage car race in Brescia

At first glance, you could think that Mille Miglia – the famous vintage car race – and Madonna di Campiglio’s 3Tre have very little in common. Instead, a night together at the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia was enough to understand that those two historical and fascinating sports event have more similarities that it appears. 

Just like Mille Miglia for vintage cars, the night slalom in Madonna di Campiglio, scheduled again on December 22nd, is the most classic race in the Italian alpine sport. Like Mille Miglia, it came through tough years before resurging to the biggest stage in the sport in 2012. Additionally, Madonna di Campiglio is the home of Winter Marathon, the vintage car races often regarded as a “Winter Mille Miglia”.

History was a main theme of the night at the Mille Miglia Museum, attended by 3Tre Committee’s President Lorenzo Conci, Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena Tourism Board’s President Adriano Alimonta and Funivie Campiglio Director Francesco Bosco. In 2016, 3Tre celebrates two important anniversaries: 50 years of the FIS Alpine World Cup – and 3Tre was part of that very first edition in 1966/67 – and 40 years of the all-Italian podium dominated by Fausto Radici, Piero Gros and Gustav Thoeni in 1976. Another winner of 3Tre, the last Italian to date to achieve this feat, Giorgio Rocca was on the spot in his role as 3Tre testimonial.

I won it in 2005, so I know how incredible 3Tre can be for an Italian athlete in first place. You can feel the fans next to you, boosting you to try to win for them all. Making them cheer so loud on that December 12th is something I will never forget. But 3Tre is a can’t-miss experience also as spectators: it’s so much more than just a ski race.

Last year, 3Tre grazed the 16.000 spectators’ benchmark, and now looks to improve thanks to the interventions on the ski stadium, now enlarged in the parterre area, and the new 1.000-seat stands. The slope was also modified, with another change of gradient at the bottom to make the final even more spectacular. “As every year, we have tried to give something more to the people who will choose to live 3Tre in the heart of Campiglio, as well as to those who will watch it on TV from everywhere in the World – 3Tre Committee’s President Lorenzo Conci said, - and we hope to continue our growing trend, and possibly welcome in Madonna di Campiglio many of the friends we have met tonight in Brescia.”

A global event with great redemption on the territory, as remarked by Madonna di Campiglio – Pinzolo – Val Rendena Tourism Board President Adriano Alimonta: “3Tre is the biggest event on our territory, and we get great satisfaction from the international visibility it brings to our location, and the number of tourists coming expressly for an increasingly rich and entertaining event, starting already on the eve of the race on Wednesday 21st with the public bib draw and several side events.

Funivie Campiglio Director Francesco Bosco invited everybody to reach Madonna di Campiglio for the first ski run of the year this weekend, as the winter season in the location has started on Saturday November 19th. “It was crucial for us to be ahead of time, and offer to our public 10 km in excellent conditions. Also the Canalone Miramonti is already dressed in white, and we will keep on working for another successful edition.


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