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Campiglio impazzisce per Tomba. Pettorali: Myhrer #1

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Thursday 21 December 2017

The expert Swedish will be the first athlete at the starting gate of the FIS World Cup Night Slalom. Then Moelgg, Hirscher and Gross. Still bib #7 for Kristoffersen


The Swedish André Myhrer will be the first athlete at the starting gate of the 64th edition of 3Tre, the Night Slalom of FIS World Cup (first manche 5.45PM, second manche 8.45PM). A lucky draw for the 34-years-old Swedish athlete, slalom winner at last year’s Aspen finals. Following, the first Italian champion Manfred Moelgg and the Austrian one Marcel Hirscher, the winner of Madonna di Campiglio 2012.


Bib #4 for Stefano Gross from Val di Fassa, third-prize in 2016, whereas the two-in-a-row defending champion and current World Cup’s leader Henrik Kristoffersen will face the tricky “Canalone Miramonti” with the bib #7, the same number as twelve months ago.


On stage and in the square Alberto Tomba also plays a main role, the guest star of this year’s 3Tre edition, and his memories after 30 years from his first victory at Madonna di Campiglio. A flashback to the pictures of his successes - and it looks like time’s not elapsed: the cheerful audience fondly show how much they still appreciate a champion who got down to history.


The two rounds ski plotters: Jacques Théolier (Sweden) and Stefan Kornberger (Norway).


Bibs' Top 15: 1) André Myhrer (SWE); 2) Manfred Moelgg (ITA); 3) Marcel Hirscher (AUT); 4) Stefano Gross (ITA); 5) Michael Matt (AUT); 6) Fritz Dopfer (GER); 7) Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR); 8) Aleksandr Khoroshilov (RUS); 9) Mattias Hargin (SWE); 10) Dave Ryding (GBR); 11) Marco Schwarz (AUT); 12) Daniel Yule (SUI); 13) Julien Lizeroux (FRA); 14) Alexis Pinturault (FRA); 15) Luca Aerni (SUI).


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