DECEMBER 22, 2020

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Canalone Miramonti at its best for December 22nd 3Tre

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Friday 16 December 2016

The slope passed with the FIS snow control with full grades. Technical Director Alimonta: “The best snow surface we have had in years.” A different tracking line for the night slalom

The photos of the last few days were quite reassuring for the 3Tre fans and insiders, but it’s now official: the Canalone Miramonti passed with full grades the FIS snow control, the on-slope recognition run by the International Federation a few days in advance of the race. Indeed, in spite of another winter short of snow (so far), the white layer covering the 3Tre’s iconic slope already looks in ideal conditions for the night slalom of December 22nd (1st run 17.45, 2nd run 20.45, tickets on and at the Funivie Campiglio ticket offices).

Explaining the secrets of this “pre- Christmas miracle” is Adriano Alimonta, 3Tre Technical Director - as well as President of the Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena Tourism Board: “Despite the lack of snowfalls, the Canalone Miramonti is looking the best it has been in at least four years. Funivie Campiglio did a huge work in producing snow in the last few weeks, and we made our part using some special methods for distributing it: the result is a very good base that we will refine on Sunday and Monday. Let’s hope the weather does not affect our plans… but we feel very confident.

The first important test was run by the Italian and Swedish national teams, who trained on the Canalone Miramonti earlier in the week: “I have spoken to the athletes and trainer Stefano Costazza, and they confirmed the good feedbacks on the slope: more stable temperature, new technical solutions and the experience we earned from seasons short of snow put us in the position to set up a top-level slope, even with almost no natural snow".

Among the most experienced and respected technical directors in the White Circus, Alimonta anticipated some interesting novelties on the slalom’s course: “Together with FIS, we opted to be very aggressive and choose a highly-spectacular solution. The race line will exploit the whole width of the slope, to provide two varied runs with several changes of direction, and enhancing the five changes in gradient, the last one positioned just a few metres away of the finish. It will be a breathtaking 3Tre, down to the final pole.


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