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Friday 18 December 2015

“SciVolando… sul Novecento” on Monday night at the Salone Hofer in Madonna di Campiglio: a talk show on sports, history and folklore with Massimo Bernardini, Mario Colombo, Giorgio Rocca and Gabriella Paruzzi. The initiative will be repeated on the eve of the Marcialonga

Before of skiing, we fly: with the memories of unforgettable champions, empowered by incredible stories of life and sports. That’s the fil rouge of “SciVolando… sul Novecento”, the double event that will open the programme of the 62nd 3Tre on Monday December 21st at 18.00, at the Salone Hofer in Madonna di Campiglio. The second stage of the event will take place on the eve of the Marcialonga, on January 29th 2016 in Ziano di Fiemme. A perfect synergy between two World-class sport events in Trentino.


The talk-show will feature Rai journalist Massimo BernardiniColmar President Mario Colombo, and sports champions like Giorgio Rocca (winner of one Fis Ski Slalom World Cup and three-time Worlds medallist)  and Gabriella Paruzzi (Olympic gold in Salt Lake City 2002 in cross country ski). Four voices for a travel through culture, folklore and narration, to figure out how entrepreneurial ideas were bound to the achievements of great sportsmen and visionary characters, who managed to anticipate the future and pursue an intuition.


The initiative turns into a narrative path through the last century down to the recent past, and of the genesis of histories of success. Just a few notes are enough to understand the stature of two unique events. 3Tre is the oldest Italian alpine ski event. Born in 1949 from an idea of Pio Antonio Callari, Aldo Ceri, Gian Giacomo Colombo, Fabio Conci, Rolly Marchi and Camillo Rusconi, 3Tre’s golden book features the greatest names in the sport’s history, including Zeno Colò, Gustav Thoeni, Ingemar Stenmark, Alberto Tomba.


The Marcialonga started its history a few years later, in 1971, thanks to an intuition by Mario Cristofolini, Giulio Giovannini, Roberto Maggio and Nele Zorzi. Over the years, it became an international benchmark for cross country skiing, setting a participation record in 2012 with no less than 8000 starters.


“SciVolando… sul Novecento” is an initiative by 3Tre and Marcialonga’s Organizing Committees, backed by the Province of Trento. The event is invented and curated by Roberta Bonazza, in cooperation with Susanna Sieff. Participating to the project are also the Municipalities of Ziano di Fiemme and Pinzolo, and the Trentino Historical Museum’s foundation.


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