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In Bergamo, 3Tre remembers late Fausto Radici

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Thursday 30 November 2017

The Astino Monastery hosted a 3Tre on Tour event on November 29th, featuring guests Piero Gros, Daniela Merighetti and Lara Magoni, and in the memory of Fausto Radici, the only Bergamo-born 3Tre winner in the Italian triumph of 1976

With just a few weeks left before the FIS World Cup Night Slalom on Friday December 22nd, 3Tre continues its long and enticing travel through Italy and beyond. On Wednesday November 29th, the Madonna di Campiglio classic stopped in Bergamo, a city with a big tradition in Alpine Ski, giving birth to several important names of the Italian national team – from Fausto Radici to Paola and Lara Magoni, from the Bergamelli brothers to Sofia Goggia.

For a night, the Astino Monastery in Bergamo became a temple of ski: Bergamo’s Sports Assessor Loredana Poli, Fabio Bombardieri of the MIA Foundation and Bergamo’s FISI Committee President Fausto Denti welcomed the 3Tre committee, led by 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci and Funivie Campiglio’s Director Francesco Bosco, and remarkable guests from the history of Italian Alpine Ski, such as Piero Gros, two-time winner in Campiglio (1972, slalom, and 1974, giant slalom) and slalom Olympic Champion, former speed specialist Daniela “Dada” Merighetti, and Bergamo-born Lara Magoni, silver in slalom at the 1997 World Championships is Sestriere behind Deborah Compagnoni.

For once, the greatest protagonist was not in the room: Fausto Radici, the only Bergamo’s athlete to ever win 3Tre, back in 1976, in a historical Italian sweep ahead of Gros himself and Gustav Thoeni. Radici’s personal and sports story was the fil rouge of the Bergamo’s night, started with a deeply emotional message sent by Fausto’s wife, Elena.

Big applauses also came in the moment when 3Tre historian showed the video of the final gates of Radici’s exploit in 1976, commented by then runner-up Piero Gros.

Lara Magoni brought her own memory of Radici: “I was seven when I watched Fausto Radici winning 3Tre on TV. I remember it clearly, as I think that was one of the main triggers that led me to the decision of becoming an athlete, and ultimately to the beautiful career I had.

This is the ultimate meaning of what we do with the 3Tre on Tour – meeting, sharing, involving – told 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci. “If our commitment will lead to one more kid coming to the race, possibly also taking part in our Combi Race, and falling in love with our sport, than it will be a major success.

One day earlier, the 3Tre on Tour had lived one of its most traditional stages in Trentino, at the beautiful Castel Pietra in Calliano, with special guest Antonella Bellutti, Track Cycling Olympic Champion in 1996 and 2000.

Tomorrow, Friday December 1st, Riva del Garda will host another special 3Tre night on the Lake Garda banks, in cooperation with local tourism board Garda Trentino SpA.


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