DECEMBER 22, 2020

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Ivica Kostelic lights up the last night before 3Tre

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Tuesday 7 January 2020

The event in Madonna lived a special gala evening attended by 400 guests, with seven “Maglia Fulmine” holders on the stage and the Croat champion showcasing his second-life talent as musician


Campiglio’s magic also charmed the gala evening before the 3Tre Audi FIS World Cup Night Slalom, as 400 guests enjoyed a whirlwind of charm, emotions and music at Salone Hofer. First an acted homage to Zeno Colò, on 100-year anniversary of his birth, put the audience in an evocative mood, recalling the myth of ski whose deeds belong to the sport pioneers’ era.


Then, it was the time for seven former champions to generate emotion, taking the stage and dressing the exclusive “Maglia Fulmine”, the prestigious symbol for those who have won on Canalone Miramonti slope at least once in their career: Alberto Tomba, Marc Girardelli, Ivica Kostelić, Piero Gros, Giorgio Rocca, Ivano Edalini and Henri Bréchu, all in one going.


Afterwards, Ivica Kostelić even showcased his talents as a rocker, capturing the public with his guitar and his empathy. The Croat has re-invented himself also as a musician in his second life, “this is the beauty of sports that make everyone better after all”, he explained.


The photo memory of all the seven champions alongside 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci will have a special place among the event’s memorabilia, though Alberto Tomba remained focused on the day after’s competition more than souvenirs: “Let’s get ready to the event with expectations. We would be happy with the same podium of Zagreb, possibly with a different order with Vinatzer in first place, or maybe a special day for Gross is coming. Nevetheless, an Italian victory has to be our wish”, Alberto said.


Looking backwards, Marc Girardelli returned to the golden years while his all-around talent clashing with the Italian supremacy among the rapid gates: “Indeed, I was strong in all disciplines – Marc argued – but no way to compete with Alberto in his favorite garden”. Among many impressions, the gala evening sublimated the Michelin-starred chefs’ dishes toasting with Ferrari sparkling wines: everything becomes special in Campiglio.


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