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Razzoli stars with 3Tre in Parma’s Teatro Regio

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Thursday 3 November 2016

In Parma, Vancouver’s gold medallist joined Giorgio Rocca as surprise guest star: “3Tre is the greatest race in Italy, and the first big goal of my season”

Sports took the stage for a night at the Teatro Regio in Parma. On Wednesday November 2nd, 3Tre was welcomed in the beautiful foyer of the theatre by a passionate audience, coming from a level-ground city with strong, long-tenured bounds with mountain and alpine skiing.

Such elective relationship started with the big role major Parma’s brands like Parmalat and Barilla had in alpine skiing over the years, and strengthened once again by the Teatro Regio’s event, sealing the friendship between the City of Parma, represented by Sports Assessor Giovanni Marani, and the Madonna di Campiglio’s Classic, aiming to surpass the 16.000 spectators’ threshold of last year. An ambitious goal, but also a realistic one, based on the success of the early stage of the 3Tre Tour and the remarkable feedbacks coming from the online ticket sales.

We feel happy and grateful for the way the City of Parma welcomed our event3Tre Committee’s President Lorenzo Conci stated, “we immediately found a perfect syntony with the municipality and the local partner – starting with Parma’s FISI Committee President Michele Bellino and our Friend Mario Stegagno – and I am very confident that this relationship will continue and grow in the coming years.”

Special guests of the night were two rapid gates’ champions: the last Italian 3Tre winner in the World Cup, Giorgio Rocca, was joined by Italian National Team’s Giuliano Razzoli, slalom Olympic champion in Vancouver 2010 and 4th in 2015 3Tre.

The Champion from Reggio Emilia spoke fondly of the Campiglio race: “Last year I was fourth, just missing the podium, and still it took two hours to reach my hotel, due to the incredible passion of the fans in Campiglio. This is 3Tre, arguably the greatest Italian race of them all: the slope, the fans, the history, the spotlights in the dark. This race pushes you to give something extra, and that’s definitely the first major goal of my season.

“Razzo” will make his seasonal debut in Levi, Finland, in ten days, in spite of a knee injury that affected the last period of preparation. Nevertheless, he promised: “I will be at my best in Madonna di Campiglio, and will try to make it an unforgettable night for our amazing fans.

Among the topics in Parma there were also culture, history – with the exclusive materials presented by Paolo Luconi Bisti – and social causes: like last year, 3Tre will be related to the Magica Cleme foundation, supporting youngsters affected by oncologic diseases.

Because, as Giorgio Rocca recalled, 3Tre is more than just a sports event: “It’s an all-round experience, that entertains and emotions people also with its collateral initiatives, including the 3Tre Tour. That’s one event that really helps to bring people to our sport, that really needs new starters: hopefully, also this year 3Tre will encourage some kids to make their first experience on skis. Instead, the more experienced ones can also follow me during the slope recognition thanks to the “3Tre Inside” experience: at 3Tre there is plenty of opportunities for everyone!


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