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SciVolando… con stile: sports, culture and fashion meet at 3Tre

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Saturday 3 December 2016

On December 21st, the Salone Hofer in Madonna di Campiglio will host the talk show on the “Valanga Azzurra” and Italian style in the winter sports fashion

Sports, culture and fashion take the stage at the 63rd edition of 3Tre. On Thursday December 21st, on the eve of the FIS World Cup Night Slalom, Madonna di Campiglio’s race organizers will propose the second edition of talk-show “SciVolando”, an event invented by Roberta Bonazza in cooperation with Susanna Sieff, in collaboration between 3Tre and Marcialonga’s organizing committees and the Province of Trento.

After the successful 2015 edition, “SciVolando… sul Novecento”, the second edition of the event will have a different theme, “Scivolando… con stile” (sliding in style), focusing on the relationship between the triumphs of the “Valanga Azzurra” and their impact on winter sports fashion in the 70s. The celebrations of the all-Italian podium in 1976 (Radici, Gros, Thoeni) will be the starting point to examine a decade characterized by a new “mood”, and the growth of many brands symbolizing the “Made in Italy” elegance.

At 20.00, in the wonderful Salone Hofer, the exclusive talk-show will feature ski legends such as Piero Gros and Gustav Thoeni, whilst Fausto Radici’s widow, Elena, will recall the special moments of the Italian exploit.

3Tre and Marcialonga are two fascinating races characterized by several stories, united by the same passion, - explains organizer Roberta Bonazza. “SciVolando will be a talk-show on incredible stories of life and sports, recounted by ski experts and former champions”.

The initiative will be repeated Friday January 27th, 2017, in Marcialonga’s opening ceremony, in Vigo di Fassa renewing the wonderful synergy “Made in Trentino” between the oldest alpine ski event and the most prestigious cross-country skiing race in Italy. Participating to the project are also the Municipalities of Pinzolo, Tre Ville and Vigo di Fassa, and the Trentino Historical Museum’s foundation.


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