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Ski legend Alberto Tomba joins 3Tre on Tour: what a surprise in Bologna!

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Tuesday 6 November 2018

Entertaining presentation of the 3Tre race of Madonna di Campiglio in the Audi Zentrum of Bologna: the great champion unexpectedly enters the stage and boosts the hype

Once upon a time, on the yearly occasion of the 3Tre, a crowd of ski enthusiasts would leave from the Italian region Emilia towards the Brenta Dolomites, fully hoping to see their fellow countryman triumph once again, in an unpaired career.


20 years have almost elapsed since Alberto Tomba was skiing on Canalone Miramonti, yet every time he is present the atmosphere gets exciting and his past achievements are recalled. Tomba made a special surprise to all his fans on Tuesday, November 6 in Bologna where 3Tre on Tour stopped again - the promotional tour by 3Tre Committee and his President Lorenzo Conci, which is traveling around Italy, from North to South.


Talking about 3tre in Bologna is something unique, which means recalling the enchanting and thrilling atmosphere of those years of Tomba’s dominance.

An atmosphere, though, that shines increasingly brighter, as bright as the lights on the Canalone Miramonti which have been literally putting the slalom race of Madonna di Campiglio in the spotlight since 2012 - year of the comeback of 3Tre as the single Italian World Cup’s night slalom after a period of absence.


As per recent years’ tradition, the 65th 3Tre edition takes place on Saturday, December 22: first run at 3.45PM CET and second final run at 6.45PM CET (the time schedule has been moved earlier due to TV-related requirements).


Many special guests and authorities joined the presentation: the President of the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI) Flavio Roda, the President of Emilia’s Italian Winter Sports Federation Committee Giulio Campani, the Deputy Mayor of Tre Ville Tullio Serafini and 3Tre testimonial Giorgio Rocca.


Yet, Alberto Tomba, the main guest suddenly arrived when 3Tre historian Paolo Luconi Bisti was telling the story of his two winning runs back in 1987. The audience immediately gave a standing ovation, then the Bologna-based athlete started collecting memories and joking with Giorgio Rocca - the other 3Tre Italian champion in attendance: Tomba 3 wins - Rocca 1 win.


What’s interesting is that a great champion like Giorgio Rocca was feeling like a child by Alberto Tomba’s side: “Now, we resemble each other, but when I was a child he was my idol. Being here side by side and joking makes me feel really excited”. Giorgio Rocca is the Italian champion who last ranked first in Madonna di Campiglio in 2005. Indeed, the last Italian achievement goes back to 2016 by Stefano Gross after Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen (2015 and 2016 winner) and Austrian Marcel Hirscher the king of 2012 and 2017 3Tre and the last seven World Cup’s editions.


Just a month and a half left to the big event, and the President of the Italian Winter Sports Federation Flavio Roda praised the 3Tre Committee for its organizing capacity, as well as their commitment in promoting ski culture around Italy. “3Tre is a unique traditional appointment, ski and Italian sports are proudly represented."


The President of 3Tre Committee Lorenzo Conci has warmly welcomed Roda’s congratulations: “Our commitment is to bring our sport to many people and let them get closer to the mountains, above all the youngest. This is our mission, and we are working together with the Italian Winter Sports Federation to fulfill the same aim."


Moreover, the Emilia’s FISI committee is working a lot with young people, and again this year will bring a hundred of them at the CombiRace, organized in Madonna di Campiglio on December, 22. “To our guys, the 3Tre experience represents an extraordinary emotion - the President of CAE FISI, Giulio Campani, told - they come back with an immense enthusiasm.” Who knows if a new “Alberto Tomba” hides among them. For sure, the future of ski also goes through them.


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