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Thursday 22 December 2016

After yesterday’s public bib draw aired on live streaming, today the fans will be able to interact during the race with the official hashtag #3Tre


Web 2.0 is booming, also in alpine ski. Taking part in an event has become so much more than just attending: it’s about commenting, interacting, discussing.


An historical event like 3Tre could not just stand looking in front of the revolution: tonight, for th first time, the bib draw in Piazza Righi in Madonna di Campiglio was live streamed on Facebook Live on the OnSportLive page.


Obviously, the social experience continues during today’s night slalom: all the fans, on the spot or in front of their TV, will be able to follow the updates and post comments on the social networks with the official hashtag #3Tre. In addition, the best and most interesting posts will be published on the Canalone Miramonti’s maxi-screens, rewarding the most original fans with a moment of “celebrity”.


All the excitement of 3Tre is about to spread all over the net!


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