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Tomba-frenzy: the world of skiing in the time machine

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Friday 22 December 2017

The return of the Bolognese champion to Campiglio - thirty years after his first victory at 3Tre - is generating an incredible enthusiasm. "I'm moved to see my races again, but today's champions are not far behind.”


When the yelling of Alberto's fans arouses in the austere Hofer Hall - which is incredibly crowded - invoking the name of the champion as it was used on the competition fields in the golden years, it looks as if time had stopped. The return of Alberto Tomba to Campiglio, thirty years after his first triumph on the 3Tre, is bringing back the world of skiing for few hours to those fantastic past moments, even if Tomba suggests to look forward. "Skiing has great champions to admire also nowadays, my friend "Marcellino" Hirscher will break every record and go down in history”.


Yet, Alberto, feels nostalgic - admitting it without any shame. "I am often moved, I get excited when I see again the videos of my most beautiful races - unrepeatable emotions - and then I see people, who loved me in the past and still love me today. Even children celebrate me, it is clear that their parents told them what I did..."


At the public draw in the square, as well as in the evening dedicated to him - it’s been a long hug which Tomba did enjoy for every second - surrounded by the most important people of his competitive life, those who accompanied his enterprises and his superstar whims. Including Gustavo Thoeni, his coach for six years: "Gustavo had a great patience because I was really unpredictable. Then age changes you and you become wiser. I had admired him when I was a kid, then I wanted him to be by my side, though it is true - we were very different. Or maybe, just for this reason”.


Together with Lorenzo Conci, the president of the 3Tre Committee, a string of former champions, managers and journalists gave their evidence. "We all learned something from Alberto”, Flavio Roda, President of the Italian Winter Sports Federation and at that time the Italian team technician, well summarized people's thoughts on skiing.


In this festive atmosphere, Alberto appears perfectly at ease because he feels excitement of those past days around, feeling unforgotten vibes. How many will be on "Canalone Miramonti" with him tonight? Thousands will come to admire the show and to embrace the idol of all time, with the unconfessed hope that Alberto amazes everyone once again, putting his skis on and coming in his own way. It won't happen, yet imagining it doesn't cost anything.


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