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Tomba brings excitement to Il Festival dello Sport with 3Tre and the Maglia Fulmine

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Saturday 12 October 2019

The Italian champion lit up the people’s passion in Trento along with his long-time coach Gustav Thoeni. The two champions received the iconic jersey from the 3Tre Committee

When Alberto Tomba showed up on the stage of the Teatro Sociale in Trento at the Festival dello Sport, it was like a throw back in time. 

Still today, the champion from Bologna is able to involve and entertain both those who lived his era in person, and the youngsters who are instantly carried away by his spontaneously.

In a continued dialogue with one of the most important people in his career, Gustav Thoeni, his long-time trainer in spite of his divergent personality, on October 11st Tomba relieved the best moments of a legendary career. Alberto talked about his idol Stenmark, his greatest ribals in time - Girardelli and Zurbriggen – changes in technical materials and the choice to withdraw as a winner.

I still get emotional when watching the photos of my victories – told Alberto – and the people’s love still carries me away so many years later. That’s the greatest thing.”

Talking about Tomba often means talking about 3Tre. Tomba and Thoeni received on the occasion the historical “Maglia Fulmine” (Fulmine jersey), reintroduced last year by the 3Tre Committee in collaboration with Falconeri.

“With Alberto, over 40.000 people used to come on the Canalone Miramonti – told President Conci. – “Fans from all over Italy gathered in Campiglio, Alberto’s fame trespassed the borders of ski and sports in general. We were waiting for a prestigious occasion to give the Maglia Fulmine to Alberto and Gustav, and the Festival dello Sport provided a perfect scenario.” 

3Tre’s 66th edition will take place on January 8th, 2020 (first run 17.45, second run 20.45), while the 3Tre on Tour continues next week for a prestigious stop in Moscow, Russia.


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