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3Tre and Giro d'Italia tuning together a four-season melody

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Tuesday 3 December 2019

Two iconic events of Italian skiing and cycling stood out in Milan at the Palazzo delle Stelline on Tuesday 3rd December. Giorgio Rocca, Piero Gros, Ivano Edalini and Francesco Moser thrilled in the presence of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup and Giro d’Italia trophies 


When the 3Tre visits Milan it is never just another night. Two editions of the 3Tre and the finish of the Giro d'Italia in the same season: maybe, that’s why the 3Tre on Tour evening at Palazzo delle Stelline (Wednesday, 3rd December) was greeted by a turnout worthy of the Canalone Miramonti cheering crowd.


Madonna di Campiglio showed its beauty to a wide and qualified audience of enthusiasts and journalists, expressing at best its dual winter and summer soul, embodied by the two top events of the coming season. The unprecedented meeting between two of the most coveted and recognizable trophies of the sports world panorama bless the twinning of the two events. Obviously, we are talking about Crystal Globe of the FIS World Cup and the Trofeo Senza Fine (Endless Trophy) that rewards the winner of the Giro d'Italia.


Milan welcomed four champions such as Giorgio Rocca (winner of 3Tre in 2005), Piero Gros (1972 Slalom and 1974 Giant Slalom), Ivano Edalini (1986) and Francesco Moser (winner of the 1984 Giro d'Italia), to talk about two iconic events of sport and culture of Italy. Besides them, on the stage led by journalist Cristina Fantoni, the President of the 3Tre Committee Lorenzo Conci, the President of Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena Tourist Board Tullio Serafini, the Vice-Director of Funivie Campiglio Bruno Felicetti, the CEO of Cairo Communication Uberto Fornara and the Vice Director of Gazzetta dello Sport Gianni Valenti.


The night of Milan was a triumph of memories, charm and emotions, with the voices of the champions and the tales of Campiglio's historian Paolo Luconi Bisti, and also a triumph of Maglie Fulmine (Fulmine Jerseys) - those worn by Rocca, Edalini and Gros, in a club that will soon find a new entrant in the night slalom of Wednesday 8 January 2020 (first run 17.45, second run 20.45).


On the way to the second 3Tre of 2020, in the usual date on December 22nd, Campiglio will return to welcome the Giro d'Italia five years after the stunning victory of Mikel Landa in Patascoss. The 17th stage (Bassano del Grappa - Madonna di Campiglio), to be held on May 27th, will end in Piazza Sissi, where Marco Pantani won his last stage at the Giro. After the finish in Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo will host the start of a new stage with arrival in Cancano Lakes.


The perfect springboard for a summer season that Campiglio and Val Rendena live more and more in the name of cycling, thanks to an increasingly structured tourist product and the sporting events dedicated to the world of two wheels, including the new Granfondo Top Dolomites (September, 5th), celebrating its third edition in 2020.




Tullio Serafini (Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena Tourist Board President)


"Every year our town welcomes many tourists from Milan, and our presence here is also a thank you to those who live Campiglio and 3Tre with such a great passion. Summer or winter doesn’t matter, we expect equally rewarding results".


Bruno Felicetti (Funivie Campiglio Vice-Director)


"The 3Tre is a bit like a 'La Scala' premiere. This season started early thanks to the heavy snowfall, and for the first time the slopes will all open already since on December 8th. We have worked and invested in an increasingly beautiful and functional ski area again this year".


Lorenzo Conci (3Tre Committee President)


Seeing the people of 3Tre gathering always excites me, just like when I see the public coming from the center of Campiglio to the Canalone Miramonti. The unusual date of this year is the result of an opportunity given to us by the FIS: they could leave us off the calendar, they found a different date not to have a season without 3Tre. For us this means a lot. "


Gianni Valenti (La Gazzetta dello Sport Vice-Director)


"The Gazzetta dello Sport has always been close to 3Tre, and in this case it is a link between the two big sporting events of the season. The 3Tre is simply the most iconic ski race on the Italian scene and promoting it is a source of prestige and pride: it doesn't just mean doing good for the sport, but for our Country". 


Uberto Fornara (Cairo Communication CEO)


"Madonna di Campiglio is not only an extraordinary location for the context and hospitality, but also for its ability to innovate and communicate effectively. That’s why we are particularly proud of the partnership that binds us to the location". 


Giorgio Rocca (2015 3Tre winner)


"That of Madonna di Campiglio is my only victory in Italy, and of course I have a unique and special memory of it. However, I hope that another Italian skier can win the 2020 3Tre. Who will win the next 3Tre? The first name on the list is Noel, but the dream is Vinatzer". 


Ivano Edalini (1986 3Tre winner)


"For me it was important to go fast from the first to the last rapid gates, as I wasn’t a phenom like others who had more room to manage their pace. When I won on the Canalone Miramonti against Ingemar Stenmark on December 16th, it was my perfect day. I couldn’t believe it, but I will never forget the Campiglio's scream".


Piero Gros (Winner of the 3Tre in 1972 SL, and 1974 GS)

"Winning the second race In my first professional season in Madonna di Campiglio slopes was an overwhelming emotion. I will always remember with pleasure the incredible crowd that was waiting for me in Cles to celebrate this wonderful and unexpected exploit".


Francesco Moser (1984 Giro d’Italia winner)


"When I was Provincial Councilor and part of the organizers committee of the Giro d’Italia, I decided to bring a stage of the Giro in Madonna di Campiglio for the first time. It seemed strange to me that a stage of the Giro had not yet arrived in such a fascinating and important location. Skiing has always been a great passion, and every time the spotlights turn on 3Tre, I am always in the parterre".


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