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3Tre Campiglio’s magic reaches out to China

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Monday 19 December 2016

After the incredible record from a year ago (444 TV contacts on the “drone night”), Thursday’s slalom is about to conquer the Asian fans: live on Chinese CCTV

Coming off the amazing record of TV visibility (444 million contacts) scored last year, partly due to the drone that crashed on the slope during Marcel Hirscher’s run, Madonna di Campiglio’s 3Tre is ready to show itself up again to the whole World.

On Thursday night (first run at 17.45, second run at 20.45) the TV cameras airing from the Canalone Miramonti slope will offer another exciting show in one of the Classic and most popular races of the FIS Alpine World Cup. The slope has been modified in the final part, adding more thrill while also leaving more room for the spectators in the parterre area and providing a unique view on the champions skiing their way down, supported by the cheering fans.

The TV coverage will once again be on the global stage. The event strenghtens its worldwide popularity, with China joining the number of Nations who will follow the race live, broadcast for the first time by national TV CCTV. The race will be aired live also in Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and Usa, plus the Eurosport diffusion in the European and Asian Continents. News and magazines will be broadcast in practically all the Countries in Europe.

The Canalone Miramonti is ready for the show, carefully prepped by the technical team thanks to the snow cannons that made up for the lack of natural snowing. Today, light snow came down from the sky in Campiglio, but nothing major. The weather forecast is better for the next two days, with sun and stable temperatures predicted.

Whilte insiders and fans are reaching the Pearl of the Dolomites, a special eve is in the cards for this special 3Tre, celebrating both the 50th anniversary of the FIS World Cup (of which 3Tre was part already in the first edition), and 40 years of the unforgettable hat-trick by the Valanga Azzurra. Gustav Thoeni and Piero Gros (along with the widow of late Fausto Radici), along with the then Italian Team’s technical director Mario Cotelli, will be special guests of the evening event at the Salone Hofer, “SciVolando con stile” (starting at 20,00) to talk about the story of those memorable years, and the way in which the ski popularity revolutionized the winter technical apparel’s style.


Those willing to meet directly the 3Tre protagonists will have the opportunity to do that at 19.00, with the public bib draw, that will also be streamed live on the Facebook Page OnSportLive.


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