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3Tre like a “talent show”: Noel and Vinatzer looking for their nod

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Tuesday 7 January 2020

A field of ski giants – Tomba, Girardelli, Rocca, Kostelic, Gros, Brechu, Edalini – will attend the display of the two emerging talents, looking for their definitive consecration tomorrow in Madonna di Campiglio. Italy dreams of a big night, 14 years after Rocca


Change is in the air in the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup. In the new post-Hirscher era, after the Austrian capped an incredible career with the eighth overall – a new dominator is still to be found, and there’s a feeling that a new revolution might be behind the corner.


In this exciting and uncertain atmosphere, the athletes are approaching the starting gate of one of the most expected slaloms of the season, the only one to be held in Italy. The 3Tre’s 66th edition, taking place tomorrow, Wednesday January 8th, in the Canalone Miramonti’s spotlights (1st run 17.45, 2nd run 20.45) brings on stage all the charm of its long and prestigious history, made of memorable feats and champion who often broke out on the big scene in Madonna.


Think of Ingemar Stenmark, who won the first of 87 World Cup races in Madonna, to young Piero Gros who in Trentino won his second race aged 18, a good omen for what would come in the following years, or Alberto Tomba, who at 3Tre took his third straight success in 1987, the year in which he emerged from prospect to an icon of World ski.

You don’t win by chance in Madonna di Campiglio, and tomorrow two hugely talented youngsters - Clement Noel, 22 years, and Alex Vinatzer, 20 – will try to earn their place in the club. The fates of the Frenchman and the Italian crossed each other very often over the years: first and second at the Youth World Championships in 2018, first and third in the last slalom in Zagreb, and always characterized by a similar and innovative way of skiing, indicated by many as the upcoming evolution of slalom. Both tall and powerful, both skiing in an impressively direct, fluid and essential way.


They are the most expected protagonists of the 66th 3Tre, the greatest prospects of the discipline showing off in front of seven former 3Tre winners, eager to check the numbers of the present and future of slalom: Alberto Tomba, Marc Girardelli, Ivica Kostelic, Henri Brechu, Ivano Edalini, Piero Gros and Giorgio Rocca, the last Italian winner on the Canalone Miramonti (2005). In the era of “talent shows”, they will be the most feared and authorable judges – dressed in their Maglia Fulmine – for the two youngsters going for their first nod in Madonna di Campiglio. The Italian public is certain to back the effort of Gardena-born Vinatzer, dreaming to take his very first World Cup win in his home land.


The remainder of the field can’t be overlooked, starting with 2-time 3Tre winner Henrik Kristoffersen and Alexis Pinturault both aiming for Hirscher’s throne, but who haven’t managed to reach the Austrian’s consistency just yet. Defending Champion Daniel Yule hopes for another dream night, Italian veteran Gross, Moelgg and Razzoli want the home success they still miss in their resume.


The Campiglio’s Classic has started today, January 7th, with the public bib draw and the prestigious Gala night at the Salone Hofer, where three legends like Marc Girardelli, Ivica Kostelic and Henri Brechu will be honored to wear the Maglia Fulmine for their 3Tre successes, and will receive the public’s applause along with Tomba, Rocca, Gros and Edalini. Ski legends and more, as the list of guests also features former MotoGP rider and Trentino Ambassador Marco Melandri and middle-distance racer Yenan Crippa.


Meantime, the sun keeps on shining over Madonna di Campiglio, with ideal temperature for both those who are enjoying skiing in the area and for the team of slope director Adriano Alimonta, putting the finishing touches to an impressive and beautiful Canalone Miramonti slope. The perfect terrain for a major feat: let’s just hope that Alex Vinatzer, #17, is not superstitious.


On Wednesday, January 8th, 3Tre schedules the first run at 5.45 pm CET and the second run at 8.45 pm CET, featuring the "3Tre Hour" between the two runs at Sissi Square. What's more - a lot of fun and music will be the protagonists of the "3Tre Party Night" after the races. Online tickets for the Night Slalom are available online on the event's website.


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