DECEMBER 22, 2020

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3Tre, lucky Zenhausern draws bib number 1

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Tuesday 7 January 2020

Like in Zagreb, the Swiss will be the first down the Canalone Miramonti, followed by Kristoffersen and Myhrer, bib number 5 for Noel


The public bib draw in Piazza Sissi in Madonna di Campiglio opened in style the programme of the 66th 3Tre, with lots of public and enthusiasm welcoming the top athletes of the Audi FIS Ski Night Slalom of tomorrow, Wednesday January 8th (1st run 17.45, 2nd run 20.45).


The happiest tonight will be Swiss Ramon Zenhausern, who will be the first at the starting gate just like in Zagreb a few days ago. Henrik Kristoffersen will look to seize bib #2 to rebound after a subpar performance in Croatia, Swede Myhrer will come down with bib #3. The defending champion, Swiss Daniel Yule drew number 4, coming down before the Slalom World Cup leader, Frenchman Clement Noel. Alexis Pinturault (6) and Manuel Feller (7) round out the first group.


The Italian had a good hand as well: Stefano Gross will be off with number 8, while Manfred Moelgg will ski with bib number 12. Also in the top 30 are sensation Alex Vinatzer (17) and Giuliano Razzoli (20).


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