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3Tre on the spotlight in Montebelluna

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Saturday 10 November 2018

Six weeks to the great show on Saturday, December 22 - the night slalom of Madonna di Campiglio brought “3Tre on Tour” in Veneto, hosted by Treviso FISI Committee

Treviso FISI Committee and 3Tre are back together - thanks to the promotional tour of FIS World Cup on Saturday, December 22 in Madonna di Campiglio on Canalone Miramonti slope - which stopped in Veneto during the event for young people organised by Treviso FISI on Friday, November 9 in Montebelluna.

Lorenzo Conci, President of 3Tre Committee, opened the event in Treviso by presenting the 65th edition of FIS World Cup Night Slalom (first run 3.45PM CET, second run 6.45PM CET) and the related flow of events occurring during the oldest Italian alpine ski competition.

To us, 3Tre is not only the chance to see the world ski champions at their best, but it also represents passion and culture - Conci explained, then introducing the main topic of the event. “I’d like to thanks the President of Treviso FISI, Roberto Visentin for including 3Tre in this important evening - added 3Tre number one representative. - Sharing passion with young people is fundamental for our movement growth and contribution".

After Lorenzo Conci’s speech, the informative evening “Skier Inside-La passione prima di tutto” (Skier Inside-Passion First) was perfect to talk about young people practising sport. Moreover, these guests shared their experiences: the food expert, Marco Favaron, the physiotherapist Nicola Taddio, the former Federation representative for “children” Paolo Colombo and the former coach of the Italian alpine ski men’s team Claudio Ravetto.

Claudio Ravetto is the coach who led Giuliano Razzoli to win the Vancouver 2010 Olympics slalom - he told how sport features motivation which is a crucial element for future champions and also mentioned some young sport people related issues.

Indeed, today’s champions have to compete on Canalone Miramonti slope on December, 22: Austrian Marcel Hirscher, 2017 winner, Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen, and the Italian athletes Stefano Gross and Manfred Moelgg who aim to bring Italy back on the podium 13 years after Giorgio Rocca’s win in 2005.

“3Tre on Tour” is now heading to Pietrasanta (Lucca) where tomorrow, on Sunday, November 11 at 6, the presentation organised by Museo dei Bozzetti at Chiesa di Sant’Agostino is scheduled.


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