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3Tre 2018 takes its path with a new time-schedule

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Wednesday 11 July 2018

During the International Ski Federation inspection, the schedule of Campiglio’s slalom has changed the time at 3.45PM and 6.45PM CET due to TV reasons: the event will be on Saturday, December 22nd, aiming at holding a new record of spectators

Campiglio full steam ahead. 3Tre is a firm race with great success in its latest four editions after being reintroduced into the FIS Men's World Cup schedule. Now, the race is considered a milestone of the annual skiing World Cup programme as it has reached one of its largest audience joining "Miramonti" like those times when Alberto Tomba - special guest of last December's edition with 17.000 viewers - was competing.


The FIS official delegation including Markus Waldner and Emmanuel Couder - Chief Race Director and Coordinator of the Men's Alpine Ski World Cup respectively – has conducted the usual technical inspection with the President of the Organizing Committee Lorenzo Conci and his staff - this was the occasion to reiterate the well-established format of the event, which at the last FIS meeting has been also confirmed in the World Cup calendar for the season 2021/2022.


We have been developing a strong partnership with the International Federation during these years, and this is something we are really glad about - even more when thinking of the results of the event, which has made its comeback in the Ski World Cup”, said Lorenzo Conci, President of the 3Tre Organising Committee -. "The FIS rating on the technical coefficient of the World Cup races have put once again Madonna di Campiglio and Canalone Miramonti in the top positions for the slalom this year. Moreover, the transparent tunnel leading to the start was a great success for 3Tre in 2017: this may be something that we would be able to see in other World Cup races, and we are proud of our idea.


On the next 22nd of December some minor but important changes are to be expected, the first about the time-schedule. On that day the Serie A (football) and the main other leagues will be broadcasting their respective matches before Christmas. Due to television broadcasting requirements, the two manches of the Campiglio slalom’s in 65th edition are going to be forwarded two hours). The first run is starting at 15:45 CET and the second one at 18:45 CET. This will not affect the magic night atmosphere of the race.


The 3tre slalom is taking place on Saturday in 2018: this could mean that an even bigger crowd is expected. “Our event is - and aims to be - a party among old and new friends, who want to share a unique, timeless experience”, said Conci.

This is the reason why “3tre on Tour” is taking place again: the promotional tour in Italy and abroad that is starting in September and is including 20 destinations. The official programme of the Tour will be announced in the following weeks.


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