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3Tre Tour debuts in Ferrara

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Saturday 30 September 2017

The first appointment of the promotional tour, at the Festival “Internazionale” in Ferrara, entertained the public with the memories of Alberto Tomba’s victories in Campiglio, and the suggestions of alpinist Fausto de Stefani, both originary from plain lands who went a long way to conquer the mountains

In beautiful Ferrara, even more lively with the Festival “Internazionale” underway, Madonna di Campiglio’s 3Tre held its first public meeting in view of the 64th edition of Friday December 22nd. Indeed, Ferrara hosted the first stage of the 2017 3Tre on Tour, held at the Spazio Crema on Friday September 29th, organized in cooperation with Montura, partner of Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena tourism board.

The event was centered on the main theme of the 2017 3Tre: the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Alberto Tomba’s first victory on the Canalone Miramonti, in his breakout 1987 season. The story of Tomba and 3Tre took life with the images curated by Paolo Luconi Bisti and the words of journalist Leo Turrini, who stressed how some of the most unforgettable moments of Alberto’s sports career took place right in Madonna di Campiglio.

Part of what made Tomba unique were his origins: Alberto was a native of Bologna, a city on level ground, and from there he made the long way to the top of the White Circus. Another special guest of the event, Italian alpinist Fausto De Stefani (the sixth man in the World to reach all of the over 8000 mt peaks in the World), has a similar story, hailing from Mantova. “Alberto somehow marked the ‘revenge’ of those coming from the city and plain territory, who were kind of overlooked when it came to mountains and winter sports.”

Events like today’s demostrate how a character like Alberto Tomba is still able to bring excitement at any level,” 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci said. “In 2017, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of his first win in Campiglio in a unique way, also with a special event on the race’s eve, Thursday December 21st. And we hope Alberto will join us for that, too.


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