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What a surprise in Valle di Ledro! In giants' evening the star is Bode Miller

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Wednesday 5 December 2018

One of the closing stages of “3Tre on Tour” has taken place at “Rifugio al Faggio” in Lenzumo di Concei (Trento) and the Audi FIS World Cup Night Slalom is just around the corner. 2001 3Tre winner has suddenly joined the event by phone: “Madonna di Campiglio is the place where I realized that I could triumph in every ski speciality”


This event was the “giants” stage of “3Tre on Tour” - the promotional tour of Audi FIS Ski World Cup Night Slalom - which took place on Tuesday, December 4th at “Rifugio al Faggio” in Lenzumo di Concei (Trento).


One year later, the Tourism Board of Valle di Ledro hosted Italy’s oldest ski competition which will be celebrated on Saturday December, 22nd on Canalone Miramonti slope (first run 3.45PM CET, second run 6.45PM CET).

3Tre Committee - headed by the President Lorenzo Conci - presented the Audi FIS Ski World Cup held in Trentino during the official inauguration of the “Giant’s Christmas Village” in the near Bezzecca (Trento, Italy). The event is inspired by and dedicated to Bernardo Gilli, the giant who in the 18th century became famous in Europe for his height - around 2 meters and 60 centimeters - and his kindness.


Giant Gilli was not the one and only titan during the presentation: in the welcoming location of Valle di Ledro a surprise turned out. Marco Dalla Piccola, Bode Miller’s historic manager, brought the Giant Slalom World Cup trophy conquered by USA champion in 2003/2004 season, to “Rifugio al Faggio”.


What’s more: 2001 3Tre winner joined the presentation by phone to tell how excited he was about his triumph in Madonna di Campiglio, one of his first career’s achievement. “I am very grateful to Madonna di Campiglio because I won my first slalom and in that moment I realized that I could triumph in every ski speciality - Bode told. - I remember the long journey from Val d’sere after a great party - and the day before I won my first World Cup giant - the huge amount of wine from France, the car accident during the break between the first and the second run in Madonna di Campiglio when I was trying to warm up my ski boots, and then the remarkable triumph against a big champion like Giorgio Rocca”.


Some guests took part to the Valle di Ledro stage of “3Tre on Tour”: Paola Mora, the President of the Italian National Olympic Committee - Trento, Tiziano Mellarini, the President of the Italian Winter Sports Federation, Renato Girardi, the Mayor of Ledro and Maria Demadonna, the President of the Tourism Board of Valle di Ledro.


As happened during every “3Tre on Tour” presentation, the Crystal Globe - the award given to the overall winner of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup - achieved a resounding success. On this occasion, the award laid on Giant Gilli’s chair to represent the link between past and present giants. Moreover, the President of the 3Tre Committee Lorenzo Conci invited all Tremalzo Ski Club representatives to join 3Tre and all its related events. In fact, the team competition Combi Race for “kids” and “cadets" is scheduled in the morning of Saturday, December 22nd and takes place on Cinque Laghi slope at Patascoss.


This stage in Valle di Ledro has set the closing moments of “3Tre on Tour”, which is now heading to Trentino locations only. After the presentation on Friday, December 7th at Distilleria Marzadro in Nogaredo (Trento) - where the Italian Winter Sports Federation will present 2018/2019 winter season - the big event will move to Val Rendena on Monday, December 10th, close to Pinzolo. On Tuesday, December 11th in Dimaro and the last stage of this year’s “3Tre on Tour” will be held in Storo (Trento) on Monday, December 17th when only five days will be left from the race among the best alpine ski champions, also competing on Canalone Miramonti for the historical "Maglia Fulmine".


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