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When the ski becomes… stylish

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Wednesday 14 December 2016

In Trento the preview of SciVolando con stile, the talk show focused on the Valanga Azzurra and their influence on winter sports style, that renews the cooperation between two major Trentino’s events, 3Tre and Marcialonga


Success in sports is – also – a matter of style. Today even more than in the past, successes are often not enough to stick in the memory and the heart of people. Great champions are those whose personality an charisma go well beyond the standings, those great characters that become icons of their time, whose influence can be felt in different areas of the society. In their fantastic histories, events like 3Tre - Madonna di Campiglio and Marcialonga saw plenty of those champions, but the Valanga Azzurra certainly occupies a special place in the heart of Winter Sports’ fans. 

The Valanga will be the main theme of the new edition of SciVolando, the talk show on sports and culture promoted by 3Tre and Marcialonga, whose headine this year is “SciVolando con Stile”. The event was presented in a special preview on Wednesday December 14th at the Gallerie di Piedicastello in Trento. The influence of Valanga Azzurra and the great ski champions on ski and elegance on the snow will be at the center of the two shows, that will be taking place on the eve of the two major events: Mercoledì 21 Dicembre at the Salone Hofer in Madonna di Campiglio, just before the 3Tre, and Friday January 27th, 2017 in Vigo di Fassa, during the opening ceremony of Marcialonga.

Attending the preview in Trento were Trentino’s Sports and Culture Assessor Tiziano Mellarini, Trento Historical Museum’s Director Giuseppe Ferrandi, as well as the presidents of 3Tre and Marcialonga, Lorenzo Conci and Angelo Corradini, who spoke about the extensive commitment carried by their committees to organize the biggest events in Trentino, once again connected in the name of sports culture.

History also took the stage, with Paolo Luconi Bisti and Enzo Macor, and the voice of former Azzurri like Carlo Senoner, Ivo Mahlknecht and Franco Nones.

In a week, in the beautiful Salone Hofer in Madonna di Campiglio at 20.00, journalist Marco di Marco will anchor the first issue of SciVolando con Stile, whose special guests will be Piero Gros and Gustav Thoeni, second and third at 3Tre 40 years ago, in 1976, when the Italian national team dominated all of the three podium positions. First on that day was late Fausto Radici, whose memory will be brought by his wife Elena.

Along with them there will be Mario Cotelli, the trainer of that memorable group that influenced so strongly the way the Italians saw the mountain and the winter sports in general.

SciVolando is created and organized by Roberta Bonazza in collaboration with Susanna Sieff, supported by the organizing committees of 3Tre and Marcialonga. Collaborating to the project are also the municipalities of Pinzolo, Tre Ville and Vigo di Fassa, and the Fondazione Museo Storico del Trentino.


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