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16 years after, Kostelić back on stage in Madonna with a different tune

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Friday 27 December 2019

After an outstanding skiing career, the Croatian is now chasing the music. Kostelić will be among the 3Tre guest stars: he will receive the “Maglia Fulmine” for his triumph in the 2003 edition, conquered despite a bad injury


Ivica Kostelić certainly belongs in the “circle” of the great ski champions, defined also by his win at the 3Tre night slalom in 2003. However, blues music is now harmonizing the life of the Croatian superstar. Kostelić’s voice has entered into the hearts of the blues lovers, a genre of music nourished by emotions and sentiments.


16 years after his triumph, Ivica will be back in Madonna di Campiglio, on the occasion of the 66th 3Tre, to be held on Wednesday, January 8th (first run: 5.45 pm CET, second run: 8.45 pm CET). Kostelić will receive the “Maglia Fulmine” from the 3Tre Committee for his triumph of 2003. Ivica’s win on the Canalone Miramonti slope, conquered despite a serious meniscus injury during his second run, synthesizes a career characterized by victories and physical mishaps. A “trade-off” between joy and suffering that emerges strongly in his songs.


During the long days away from the skis, Ivica found support between the guitar strings. So came to light the new Kostelić. Blues music has proven to be fundamental in an incredible sports career, representing a true ally during the moments of discouragements, as well as a trigger to his reborn, with the goal to show to be the best, as in the 2011 season: Ivica won the FIS World Cup, to the surprise of many.

However, there is not only music in the life of the Croatian champion. His passion for ski is unchanged. In fact, after receiving the directions of his father Ante, Ivica is one of the trainers of the Croatia Team, the emergent squads in the World Ski after seasons in oblivion.

The dramatic win of Kostelic is a page of the 3Tre history”, explains the 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci. – “Ivica is a great champion who never gave up. His career represents an example for the youngsters: also for this reason, we are honored to welcome him to the Madonna di Campiglio celebrations”.


On Wednesday, January 8th, 3Tre schedules the first run at 5.45 pm CET and the second run at 8.45 pm CET, featuring the "3Tre Hour" between the two runs at Sissi Square. What's more - a lot of fun and music will be the protagonists of the "3Tre Party Night" after the races. Not to be missed is the amazing eve's Public Draw on Tuesday, January 7th (7.00 pm CET) at Sissi Square. Online tickets for the Night Slalom are available online on the event's website.


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