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"Fulmine Jersey"

The champion’s jersey is back: the lightning “Fulmine” joins 3Tre


From ski clubs' young skiers to successful athletes: all ski lovers dream of it. It has been admired and virtually approached by today’s champions through past photos, also in black and white, or some faded newspaper clippings. This is “Maglia Fulmine”, symbol of 3Tre and thus of a skiing innovative era which awarded the most complete athlete for being able to compete in all three classic alpine ski disciplines: slalom, giant and downhill.

At the end of the Fifties, 3Tre format was funded on this concept and the winner was given “Maglia Fulmine”, a yellow jersey inspired to the Tour de France “grandeur” featuring red and blue embroidery. Wearing it meant being the best-in-class champion who could own it forever.

More than 60 years later, 3Tre Madonna di Campiglio in partnership with Falconeri has reintroduced and relaunched “Maglia Fulmine”, in occasion of the 2018 Audi FIS Ski World Cup Night Slalom.


Falconeri has designed the jersey while maintaining the original jersey's distinctive elements that made it famous: quality and colors. The legendary history of 3Tre meets the present’s worldwide excellence. It is a unique item of clothing which represents the Italian style and the triumph’s bliss. This is another motivation for slalom’s champions to compete on Canalone Miramonti slope, to write a new and fascinating chapter of 3Tre story.





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