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  • Friday 18 October 2019


    “3Tre on Tour” flies to Russia: next stop, Moscow

    “3Tre on Tour” flies to Russia: next stop, Moscow

    After the first two appointments in Parma and Trento, the Audi City Moscow will host a vernissage dedicated to the Madonna di Campiglio classic on Wednesday, October 23rd

    A couple of years have elapsed since the 3Tre decided to go “on the road” to to meet and greet ski fans, revisiting the tradition which sees the winter sports destinations perched on the mountains.

    Therefore, Madonna di Campiglio Classic OC gave birth to the “3Tre on Tour”, meeting the ski lovers in the major Italian cities. A big commitment, rewarded by the exposure given to the big shows characterizing the Canalone Miramonti race.


    3Tre on Tour’s next stop tears down another frontier: in fact, on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019, the 3Tre Committee is flying to Russia to present the 66th edition of the Italian slalom, to be held on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 (first run: 5.45 pm CET; second run: 8.45 pm CET).


    After the 3Tre on Tour opening in Parma and its following big appointment in Trento, on the occasion of the “Il Festival dello Sport”, symbolized by the presence of Alberto Tomba and Gustav Thoeni, the promotional tour of the Audi FIS Ski Alpine World Cup Night Slalom will continue at Audi City Moscow, not too far from the iconic Red Square.


    Less than three months away from the 66th 3Tre, which will coincide with the Orthodox Christmas, the event is organized by the 3Tre Committee and the Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena Tourism Board in collaboration with Trentino Marketing, Enit Russia and the Russia Ski Alpine Federation. 3Tre’s President Lorenzo Conci and Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena Tourist Board’s Director Matteo Bonapace will join the event, together with the FIS World Cup trophy: the “Crystal Globe”, at stake after Marcel Hirscher’s retirement.


    Along with the Slalom Night, in Moscow, there will be room to enhance the extensive gastronomic offer, characterizing Madonna di Campiglio, one of the main Italian destination for winter tourism. The gourmet cuisine is one Madonna's badges: for this reason, the Italian chef Davide Rangoni, from the Michelin-starred restaurant Dolomieu, will join the 3tre Committee to delight the guests with the best dishes of the Italian tradition.


    We’re excited for this event happening in Russia – said the 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci. – It is going to be a prestigious event, the pattern of the synergy between the 3Tre Committee, the Tourism Board and Trentino Marketing. Madonna di Campiglio is a well-known destination among the Russian tourists and the bond between the 3Tre race and the Orthodox Christmas will offer a wonderful occasion for the Russian ski lovers to discover our ski area. In Moscow, we will try to reveal emotional stories”.

  • Wednesday 23 October 2019


    3Tre has no boundaries: the Italian classic stars in Moscow

    3Tre has no boundaries: the Italian classic stars in Moscow

    The event in the Russian capital launches the Italian Audi FIS Ski World Cup Night slalom of Wednesday January 8th, on the day after the Orthodox Christmas

    As the Winter Sports panorama gets wider and opens to new frontiers, some events are so iconic for the sports fans to become legitimate symbols of their disciplines and part of the heritage of all sport lovers from every corner of the World.

    With its 66 years of history, 3Tre belongs in the imaginary of all the top-class ski fans, and even when it travels 2.600 km away from Madonna di Campiglio all the way to Moscow (Russia), few steps out of the Red Square, the Italian ski classic is welcomed with enthusiasm.

    Over 150 people have gathered on Wednesday October 23th in the prestigious Audi City Center Moscow for the presentation of the night slalom on the Canalone Miramonti slope.

    3Tre on Tour, the big promotional tour of the Madonna di Campiglio event, taking the charm and history of the World Cup slalom all around Italy and Europe, reached Russia for the first time, and not by chance. Exceptionally in this 2019/2020 season, 3Tre will move from its classic date of December 22nd to January 8th 2020, on the day after the Orthodox Christmas: a can’t-miss opportunity for the Russian sports fans to match the unique experience of an unforgettable event and the discovery of an amazing territory and ski area in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites.

    Organized in collaboration between the 3Tre Committee and the Madonna di Campiglio – Pinzolo – Val Rendena Tourist Board, the 3Tre on Tour – Moscow events was attended – among others – by 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci, Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena Tourist Board General Director Matteo Bonapace, Fabio Gerola of Trentino Marketing, Russian Ski Federations’ Head of Alpine Ski Alexey Orlov, Enit Russia’s manager Irina Petrenko, Pierluigi Schettino, First Counsellor of the Italian Embassy in Russia, and Pier Paolo Celeste, Director of the Foreign Trade Institute (ICE).

    On January 8th, Madonna di Campiglio will put on its best dress for the show on the iconic Canalone Miramonti slope, one of the temples of slalom recognized all over the World, beautiful and merciless, down in the very heart of the Pearl of the Dolomites. A natural theatre filling with public and enthusiasm, like the last December 22nd, when 20.000 people lived the thrill of an exciting race won by Swiss Daniel Yule.

    This time Marcel Hirscher will not be at the starting gate, but all the best of World slaloms is getting ready for the clash, from Kristoffersen to defending champion Yule, up to emerging talent Clement Noel and Italian Gross and Vinatzer. Meantime, Russia will rely on Alexander Khoroshilov, who featured prominently in Trentino several times, and keeps chasing for his first 3Tre podium.

    3Tre took to Russia also the iconic Crystal Globe, Audi FIS World Cup trophy accompanying the committee from Trentino throughout the 3Tre on Tour, constantly welcomed with huge enthusiasm.

    Every year, Madonna di Campiglio eagerly welcomes a number of Russian visitors: there could be no better occasion to return the visit – 3Tre President Lorenzo Conci told, - particularly with the upcoming edition taking place during the Orthodox Christmas holidays. We are proud and grateful for this opportunity to tell our history in such a prestigious venue: Russia hosted the Winter Olympics just a few years ago, and keeps showing interesting prospects on the World Cup stage, so we hope that passion can once again erase the distance, and that Madonna di Campiglio will welcome many ski lovers from Russia in January – and beyond.

    Davide Rangoni, the chef of Michelin-starred Dolomieu restaurant in Madonna di Campiglio, offered an authentic taste of Italian top-class cuisine in the heart of Moscow, preparing a delightful Italian-Style cocktail, enticing the Russian public to discover even more of the top-class hospitality on the Brenta Dolomites.

    Our Tourist Board – explained Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena Tourist Board President Tullio Serafini – has been investing on the 3Tre on Tour for four years now, as a key vehicle for promotion. Now we are looking to invest even more and make the best of 3Tre’s communication appeal to promote our territory as a whole, in Italy and beyond.

    After the excellent feedbacks from the previous years and the past events of this season, our wish is to open a new cycle of international dates. We want to present ourselves on key market in an innovative way, relying on quality PR. This event highlights the proficiency of our sponsorships and collaborations, helping us to reach targets even at distance. Audi is a perfect example of that.

    On Wednesday January 8th 2020 at 17.45 (CET) the first run will get off, whilst the top-30 will return to action at 20.45 for the decisive 2nd run on the Canalone Miramonti slope.

    In Madonna di Campiglio, top-notch sports meet the wonderful beauty of the Brenta Dolomites, as well as best-class hospitality, and there’s no better opportunity than 3Tre to discover it in full.

  • Friday 15 November 2019


    Madonna di Campiglio warms up Rome with the 3Tre charm

    Madonna di Campiglio warms up Rome with the 3Tre charm

    The 3Tre on Tour appointment in Rome drew a large audience including big sports superstars and TV celebrities at the Due Ponti Sporting Club for the Audi FIS World Cup Night Slalom scheduled on January 8th


    3Tre received a warm welcome at the “Sporting Club Due Ponti” in Rome (Central Italy), as the ski classic's promotional tour returned to the Italian capital after inflaming Moscow (Russia). Due Ponti’s owners, Emanuele and Pietro Tornabuoni, prepared the best atmosphere for an event that collects success even far from the mountains. “Ours is a popular destination attended by many Roman tourists - Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena Tourist Board President Tullio Serafini said – being able to present our event in Rome is a matter of prestige”.


    The Audi FIS World Cup Night Slalom scheduled on Wednesday January 8th in Madonna di Campiglio (Trentino, Northern Italy) has generated engagement in Rome. Anchored by RaiSport journalist Simona Rolandi, the appointment was focused on the 3Tre history, narrated by the historiographer Paolo Luconi Bisti. “3Tre is an event at 360 degrees – 3Tre’s President Lorenzo Conci explained – identified with its territory. Madonna has suffered from the absence of the World Cup, and struggled to get it back. After retrieving the World Cup, the 3Tre confirmed to be a fascinating event, among the most prestigious in the Ski Alpine international calendar”.


    Sports superstars and TV celebrities attended the night at the 3Tre on Tour in Rome. “In view of the Milan-Cortina OG, the most prestigious Italian race aims to gain an ever-growing attention” – said Italian Olympic Committee’s Vice-President Alessandra Sensini. Taking part in the event were also the Sidney 2000 gold medallist, former fencers Margherita Granbassi and Stefano Pantano and the last Italian winner on the Canalone Miramonti slope (2005) Giorgio Rocca.


    Rocca was touched by the images of the Italian triumphs in Madonna, from Thoeni to Gros, from Tomba to the last win in 2005. “The World Cup slalom in Madonna is my only Italian win. I’ve endured emotions that I didn't even know I could feel. This is an amazing event”. Rocca hopes to pass the baton as last Madonna's Italian king, but it will not be easy for the Italian NextGen. “Nobody knew Ingemar Stenmark in occasion of his first World Cup triumph in Madonna. The Italian Team is formed by brilliant prospects. I hope that our youngsters will be able to stun. Our movement needs this”.


    3Tre on Tour continues with new intense stages, but the only focus of the Roman fans is on the Big Day - January 8th, 2020. In the meantime, Madonna di Campiglio welcomed the snow with the kick-off of the winter season. Winter has begun, the 3Tre will come soon.

  • Wednesday 27 November 2019


    La Spezia and Pietrasanta: 3Tre goes to the beach

    La Spezia and Pietrasanta: 3Tre goes to the beach

    On Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th of November, 3Tre on Tour will arrive in La Spezia (Liguria) and Pietrasanta (Tuscany). Piero Gros and Ivano Edalini, 3Tre winners will join the caravan


    The association of the Brenta Dolomites and the sea set off by the 3Tre, the Ski Area Campiglio Dolomiti and Madonna Di Campiglio will be brought to the light by the promotional tour of the Audi FIS Ski Alpine World Cup Night Slalom. Advancing to fascinating locations where Madonna di Campiglio is a common destination.


    In view of the “slalom night” of Wednesday, January 8th - first run: 5.45 pm CET, second run: 8.45 pm CET - the 3Tre on Tour will visit La Spezia (Liguria), in the beautiful setting of the Gulf of Poets (Porto Lotti) and the iconic “Council Room” of Pietrasanta (Tuscany), on Friday, November 29th and Saturday 30th, sequentially.


    La Spezia is a seaside location connected to the mountain and winter sports. Locals love to spend their winter holidays in Madonna di Campiglio. A passion that Sofia Funaro has turned into her lifestyle: last April, the athlete born in La Spezia has conquered the SuperG Italian title in the Children category. Sofia will be on the spotlights in La Spezia, together with the Italian ski legend Piero Gros, the two-time winner at 3Tre (1972 slalom, 1974 giant slalom).


    The following day, 3Tre will arrive back in Pietrasanta, exactly one year later. The 3Tre Committee and the Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena Tourism Board will be accompanied in Tuscany by another 3Tre winner, Ivano Edalini, first in the 1987 edition.


    The connection between mountain and sea is stronger in Pietrasanta: consolidated by the Abetone mountain, not far away from the city. Pietrasanta’s fans can meet and greet three local champions - the hammer tower Nicola Vizzoni (silver medal at Sidney 2000 OG), the shooter Luca Testoni (silver medal at London 2012 OG) and Stefano Ticci, bronze medal in Bob at Lillehammer 94 OG.


    Like the previous 3Tre on Tour stages, La Spezia and Pietrasanta will ensure great emotions thanks to the presence of the “crystal globe” – the trophy of the FIS Ski Alpine World Cup – and the historical heritage’s storytelling by Paolo Luconi Bisti.


    Madonna di Campiglio is ready to host one of the most fascinating World Cup rounds. On Wednesday, January 8th, Marcel Hirscher will not be at the starting gate on the Canalone Miramonti, but all the best of World slalom are getting ready for the clash, starting by Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen, the winner of the first seasonal slalom in Levi (Finland), the defending champion Daniel Yule and Frenchman Clement Noel.

  • Saturday 30 November 2019


    A Pietrasanta splende il vessillo della 3Tre

    A Pietrasanta splende il vessillo della 3Tre

    Costumi, sbandieratori e la grande passione della Versilia hanno accolto la tappa toscana del 3Tre on Tour. Il Presidente Conci: “Qui troviamo il nostro stesso amore per valori e tradizione”

    Il countdown verso la 66a edizione della 3Tre (Mercoledì 8 Gennaio 2020, 1a manche 17.45, 2a manche 20.45) si fa sempre più pressante, ma per il 3Tre on Tour c’è ancora tempo per vivere la seconda tappa di un weekend al mare prima di fare rotta su Milano (Martedì 3 Dicembre), ultimo appuntamento fuori regione di un lungo tour di promozione.

    Sabato 30 Novembre la grande classica italiana dello slalom, appuntamento di spicco della Coppa del Mondo FIS, è stata baciata dal sole e dalla passione di Pietrasanta (LU), che già nella scorsa edizione aveva aperto le porte ad una tappa del 3Tre on Tour. In questa occasione è stato proprio il municipio del comune versiliese ad accogliere la serata di presentazione organizzata in collaborazione con il Presidente dello Sci Club Versilia Angelo Maremmani e condotta dal giornalista Claudio Sottili, con l’Assessore allo Sport, Tradizioni, Eventi e Manifestazioni Comune di Pietrasanta a fare gli onori di casa.

    A raccontare la realtà di Madonna di Campiglio e della sua gara principe sono stati il Presidente del Comitato 3Tre Lorenzo Conci, lo storico della manifestazione Paolo Luconi Bisti ed Ivano Edalini, vincitore sul Canalone Miramonti nell’edizione 1986.

    Da parte sua, Pietrasanta ha accolto la 3Tre con tutto il colore delle sue tradizioni locali – dai costumi storici del tipico Palio dei Micci allo spettacolo degli sbandieratori a conclusione della serata – e anche con un grande nome dello sport come Stefano Ticci, bronzo olimpico nel Bob a Due alle Olimpiadi di Lillehammer 1994 ed originario proprio del comune versiliese. “Quella fra Pietrasanta e Madonna di Campiglio è un’intesa spontanea e dalla grande empatia, una sorta di gemellaggio informale, ma non per questo meno sentito. Il fatto che un evento ed una località così importante scelga il nostro comune per presentarsi è per noi motivo di grande orgoglio,” ha dichiarato l’Assessore Andrea Cosci.

    Un sentimento riecheggiato dalle parole del Presidente del Comitato 3Tre Lorenzo Conci: “Il nostro gruppo organizzatore è spinto da un amore immenso per la 3Tre e per la sua tradizione, ed amiamo incontrare chi valorizza ed esprime con orgoglio i propri valori come cerchiamo di farlo noi. Qui a Pietrasanta troviamo esattamente questo.”

    Nell’occasione, 3Tre ha portato a Pietrasanta anche un assaggio dei sapori del Trentino, grazie alla collaborazione con la Cooperativa Agri’90 di Storo: nella piazza antistante il comune è stata infatti servita la tipica Polenta Carbonera, a conclusione di una serata in cui la tradizione ha recitato da protagonista.

    Mercoledì 8 Gennaio a Madonna di Campiglio le pendenze del Canalone Miramonti – illuminato a giorno dai riflettori – metteranno alla prova i più forti ed ambiziosi specialisti dello slalom a livello mondiale. In prima fila sono attesi il norvegese Henrik Kristoffersen, già campione a Madonna di Campiglio nel 2015 e 2016, e l’emergente francese Clement Noel, ma fra chi punta al colpaccio ci sono anche gli italiani, dai veterani Stefano Gross, Manfred Moelgg e Giuliano Razzoli fino alla speranza del 20enne Alex Vinatzer.

    Già nella serata di Martedì 7 Gennaio, quando l’estrazione pubblica dei pettorali porterà i più forti atleti al mondo sul palco di Piazza Sissi. Da lì in avanti sarà solo spettacolo.

    Le prevendite per lo slalom notturno di Coppa del Mondo FIS sono disponibili sul sito

  • Tuesday 3 December 2019


    3Tre and Giro d'Italia tuning together a four-season melody

    3Tre and Giro d'Italia tuning together a four-season melody

    Two iconic events of Italian skiing and cycling stood out in Milan at the Palazzo delle Stelline on Tuesday 3rd December. Giorgio Rocca, Piero Gros, Ivano Edalini and Francesco Moser thrilled in the presence of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup and Giro d’Italia trophies 


    When the 3Tre visits Milan it is never just another night. Two editions of the 3Tre and the finish of the Giro d'Italia in the same season: maybe, that’s why the 3Tre on Tour evening at Palazzo delle Stelline (Wednesday, 3rd December) was greeted by a turnout worthy of the Canalone Miramonti cheering crowd.


    Madonna di Campiglio showed its beauty to a wide and qualified audience of enthusiasts and journalists, expressing at best its dual winter and summer soul, embodied by the two top events of the coming season. The unprecedented meeting between two of the most coveted and recognizable trophies of the sports world panorama bless the twinning of the two events. Obviously, we are talking about Crystal Globe of the FIS World Cup and the Trofeo Senza Fine (Endless Trophy) that rewards the winner of the Giro d'Italia.


    Milan welcomed four champions such as Giorgio Rocca (winner of 3Tre in 2005), Piero Gros (1972 Slalom and 1974 Giant Slalom), Ivano Edalini (1986) and Francesco Moser (winner of the 1984 Giro d'Italia), to talk about two iconic events of sport and culture of Italy. Besides them, on the stage led by journalist Cristina Fantoni, the President of the 3Tre Committee Lorenzo Conci, the President of Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena Tourist Board Tullio Serafini, the Vice-Director of Funivie Campiglio Bruno Felicetti, the CEO of Cairo Communication Uberto Fornara and the Vice Director of Gazzetta dello Sport Gianni Valenti.


    The night of Milan was a triumph of memories, charm and emotions, with the voices of the champions and the tales of Campiglio's historian Paolo Luconi Bisti, and also a triumph of Maglie Fulmine (Fulmine Jerseys) - those worn by Rocca, Edalini and Gros, in a club that will soon find a new entrant in the night slalom of Wednesday 8 January 2020 (first run 17.45, second run 20.45).


    On the way to the second 3Tre of 2020, in the usual date on December 22nd, Campiglio will return to welcome the Giro d'Italia five years after the stunning victory of Mikel Landa in Patascoss. The 17th stage (Bassano del Grappa - Madonna di Campiglio), to be held on May 27th, will end in Piazza Sissi, where Marco Pantani won his last stage at the Giro. After the finish in Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo will host the start of a new stage with arrival in Cancano Lakes.


    The perfect springboard for a summer season that Campiglio and Val Rendena live more and more in the name of cycling, thanks to an increasingly structured tourist product and the sporting events dedicated to the world of two wheels, including the new Granfondo Top Dolomites (September, 5th), celebrating its third edition in 2020.




    Tullio Serafini (Madonna di Campiglio-Pinzolo-Val Rendena Tourist Board President)


    "Every year our town welcomes many tourists from Milan, and our presence here is also a thank you to those who live Campiglio and 3Tre with such a great passion. Summer or winter doesn’t matter, we expect equally rewarding results".


    Bruno Felicetti (Funivie Campiglio Vice-Director)


    "The 3Tre is a bit like a 'La Scala' premiere. This season started early thanks to the heavy snowfall, and for the first time the slopes will all open already since on December 8th. We have worked and invested in an increasingly beautiful and functional ski area again this year".


    Lorenzo Conci (3Tre Committee President)


    Seeing the people of 3Tre gathering always excites me, just like when I see the public coming from the center of Campiglio to the Canalone Miramonti. The unusual date of this year is the result of an opportunity given to us by the FIS: they could leave us off the calendar, they found a different date not to have a season without 3Tre. For us this means a lot. "


    Gianni Valenti (La Gazzetta dello Sport Vice-Director)


    "The Gazzetta dello Sport has always been close to 3Tre, and in this case it is a link between the two big sporting events of the season. The 3Tre is simply the most iconic ski race on the Italian scene and promoting it is a source of prestige and pride: it doesn't just mean doing good for the sport, but for our Country". 


    Uberto Fornara (Cairo Communication CEO)


    "Madonna di Campiglio is not only an extraordinary location for the context and hospitality, but also for its ability to innovate and communicate effectively. That’s why we are particularly proud of the partnership that binds us to the location". 


    Giorgio Rocca (2015 3Tre winner)


    "That of Madonna di Campiglio is my only victory in Italy, and of course I have a unique and special memory of it. However, I hope that another Italian skier can win the 2020 3Tre. Who will win the next 3Tre? The first name on the list is Noel, but the dream is Vinatzer". 


    Ivano Edalini (1986 3Tre winner)


    "For me it was important to go fast from the first to the last rapid gates, as I wasn’t a phenom like others who had more room to manage their pace. When I won on the Canalone Miramonti against Ingemar Stenmark on December 16th, it was my perfect day. I couldn’t believe it, but I will never forget the Campiglio's scream".


    Piero Gros (Winner of the 3Tre in 1972 SL, and 1974 GS)

    "Winning the second race In my first professional season in Madonna di Campiglio slopes was an overwhelming emotion. I will always remember with pleasure the incredible crowd that was waiting for me in Cles to celebrate this wonderful and unexpected exploit".


    Francesco Moser (1984 Giro d’Italia winner)


    "When I was Provincial Councilor and part of the organizers committee of the Giro d’Italia, I decided to bring a stage of the Giro in Madonna di Campiglio for the first time. It seemed strange to me that a stage of the Giro had not yet arrived in such a fascinating and important location. Skiing has always been a great passion, and every time the spotlights turn on 3Tre, I am always in the parterre".

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